Battlefield Hardline: Getaway set to arrive in January 2016

The third of four expansions for Battlefield Hardline, Getaway adds new maps, a game mode, vehicles, weapons, and more.

The 4 maps new to Getaway are Pacific Highway, Double Cross, Train Dodge and Diversion. There are also 4 new vehicles, 4 legendary cameos, 3 weapons for the Mechanic class, 1 gadget, 1 melee weapon, and 0 details on what any of those things actually are.

Getaway will also feature a new game mode called Capture the Bag which, through careful application of my keen deductive powers, I have determined to involve capturing some manner of bag. No word on whether EA’s adding some sort of emote to let players act frantic while shrieking “WHAT’S IN THE BAG?”

Anyhow – all Hardline players will get a game update that includes new weapons, patches, and some new features that will be announced soon. Premium players will be able to get their hands on Getaway in January 2016, so regular folks ought to get it a couple of weeks later.

No trailer yet, but we did manage to get our grubby, crime-soiled mitts on three pieces of artwork. One features a bright orange bag. Enjoy.

battlefield hardline getaway dlc coming image 1

battlefield hardline getaway dlc coming image 2

battlefield hardline getaway dlc coming image 3

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