X-Men Apocalypse might be the franchise’s most exciting movie yet

X-Men First Class and Days of Future Past made great strides towards redeeming a franchise that was moving steadily closer towards becoming a big steaming pile, after the hideous X2, Last Stand, and the standalone Wolverine movies.

With Apocalypse, the franchise looks like it’s growing steadily from strength to strength. If you haven’t seen the trailer already, here it is.

I thought Apocalypse was a ballsy villain to take on. Hell, Marvel’s working with Thanos and they’ve spent a little over a half-dozen movies basically dancing at the fringes of his all-consuming evil, presumably to make sure that they properly set up and execute the kind of massive storyline that a massive villain like Thanos merits.

Is one movie, I asked myself, enough for Apocalypse? Surely, En Sabah Nur, 5000-year old mutant, easily among the oldest, who empowers his personal guard and calls them the Four Horsemen, deserves more than one movie?

But, after having watched the trailer, if one is all he gets, I think this might be the epic he deserves. Granted, the trailer might well be all that’s good about the movie – but I’d like to believe it isn’t. Another one to watch closely, for certain. 2016 is shaping up to be quite the landmark year for superhero movies.

Trevor Coelho

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