Winter has come to Heartstone but, er, it isn’t especially delightful

I expect Blizzard to do weird and awesome things around all major occasions, and Christmas is no exception. This year, strangely, things are rather sedate.

Hearthstone’s Winter Veil, for example, which runs from December 9th to January 6th will bring changes to the boards – snow on Stormwind and ice in Orgrimmar – and one holiday greetings emote for the heroes. And, when someone buys a bundle of 40 classic Hearthstone packs or more, they’ll get 10 free.

Not quite what I’m used to seeing from Blizzard, but they did say to keep eyes peeled for ‘more Winter Veil festivities to come’ so perhaps they have something bonkers lined up. Because, for example, they can do much more than this:

heartstone winter veil hero emote

Perhaps a ‘Winter Veil’ that hides all the cards in your hand so you have no goddamn idea what you’re playing until it’s on the board. Or a deranged wintery goblin that tosses exploding candy and randomly blows up a card every turn. Or perhaps even a legendary Greatfather Winter card that spawns a random ‘present’ card for both players each turn that could either be awesome when used or instantly fatal.

See? The possibilities are endless. Blizzard, please be as crazy as I know you can be.

heartstone winter veil board orgrimmar ice

heartstone winter veil board stormwind snow

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